Be a nice human

How these four little words had an almighty impact



When Brexit shook up our world, a frenzy of hatred swept the country and tensions between opposing sides were becoming increasingly apparent. We couldn’t sit back and watch it happen. Instead, we wanted to do something to remind people that, political views aside, we are all human.

The answer was staring us in the face. No really – it was just across the street from our studio. At the time, it was just a blank (slightly grotty) shipping container, but we saw its potential to share an important message. All it needed was a little sprucing up. Our vision? To paint it with four words: ‘Be a nice human’. It’s a simple ask. A motto to live by that encourages everyone be kind and inclusive, to celebrate life, to be positive and unapologetically real.


And so, we approached Print Club London with a sneak peek of what it could look like in an email simply entitled: “We think the container would look amazing if you let us paint this….”

15 minutes later, we had the double thumbs up. Armed with scrapers and paint, we climbed the shipping container and got to work, hand painting every last detail of the mural that would go onto spread a little love the happiness to our little corner of Dalston, East London.


The tags and shares came flooding in on Instagram, along with real-life smiles as people passed it in person. This beautifully simple and vibrant piece of artwork proved what we already knew – that the right words and the right design can have real power. It can get people thinking, change moods and even perspectives.

It’s why Be a Nice Human went on to become part of an entire collection named ‘Summer of Type 19’, where we hand painted more typographic designs across various walls in Dalston – all in a mission to spread a little love and happiness.

As designers, we believe this is the most important work we can do. If we can create something that is seen by the masses and promotes a kinder world – our work is, well, not quite done, but well on the way.

Time lapse from the day... if only our GO_PRO batteries had lasted to the finish! #YouHadOneJob #Go-No

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