The time we spread love, not covid

An uplifting end to a terrible year



Amongst the loss and devastation of 2020, we also gained more than we could have ever bargained for. We uncovered new ways to connect with loved ones, found a new appreciation for nature and discovered a newfound obsession with banana bread. But most of all, we learned that love conquers all. It’s why come Christmas, we knew that spreading a little love was the best gift we could possibly give our clients.


So we got to work, making 100 prints that would send an uplifting message to the world (or at least the four corners of London). With lockdown looming, our socially-distanced campaign was the perfect way to spread love, and to stick two fingers up to year that had been. Our prints delivered a clear message that love will bring us together no matter what, and that hope will carry us forward into a brighter world.

Then when sun went down, our posters went up – across 8 locations around London. We asked Ben Fogle to introduce the campaign to spread the message far and wide. And despite going into lockdown a week later, our message lived on in the outside world. Our clients got first dibs of the remaining prints, the rest went out to friends and family to send a little love from afar.


The reaction was everything we’d hoped for. We raised smiles, spread hope and even brought on a few unexpected tears – delivering more impact than any tote bag or Christmas card ever could.

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