Pride 2023

Bigger, Bolder and for Everyone

CI Pride 2023 took place on 16 September 2023. With plans to occupy twice the space and quadruple the number of days for events, we brought the community together for the most ambitious and inclusive Pride in the UK.

Through a multi-channel campaign we celebrated the outlier, inviting LGBTQIA+, allies, and members of all minority groups to be brave and be bold, celebrating themselves with an incredibly special, Summer-long campaign which kicked off during Pride month and saw us hitting Prides up and down the UK, from Leeds, to London, to Cornwall, spreading the word.


Channel Islands Pride x Liberate

We partnered on

Positioning, branding, promotion, event roll-out, sustainability, brand touch points, the lot.


Pride attendance increase from previous year


Surveyed attendees who said this was their first Pride


Percentage of attendees who rated Pride as Excellent or Very Good