Healthhaus: Launch

Turning big potential into real results

When we first met the founders of Healthhaus in 2014, we were impressed. Their vision for a luxury health club and gym was unique, they had an exciting business plan, and their logo had real potential.

But they still needed a brand concept, launch campaign, marketing collateral – not to mention paying members. And this is all before the club had even been built.



We partnered on

Branding, PR, marketing strategy, launch, roll-out, the world and more.


Number of members on day 0, who joined before the club was built


Number of months to reach membership cap


Chartered Institute of Marketing Awards: Best Brand, Best Integrated Campaign, Overall marketing Excellence


“2023 marks 10 years of our journey with the founder of Mantra. From our initial brand design, pre-launch brochures and teaser campaigns through to more recent campaigns celebrating the successes of our staff and members, they have continually found new ways to help us share our message. They have taken time to learn about the wellbeing industry, understand our drive and interpret our vision. Mantra have truly become our brand guardians.”

Managing Director & Founder