Pride's 50th Anniversary

Honouring the past, shaping the future

The 50th anniversary of Pride was a truly momentous milestone, and a testament to how far the movement has come in just half a century. But the central messages had been lost, drowned out in a sea of cliches and commercialisation.

That’s where we came in. To mark the 50th anniversary, Channel Islands Pride asked us to create a campaign that honoured the history of the event while reshaping it for the future.

UPDATE: Winner PRCA Award 2023 for Diversity and Inclusion


Channel Islands Pride x Liberate

We partnered on

Positioning, brand identity, event roll-out, merch, you name it.


Pride attendance increase from previous year


Website traffic increase


Media coverage total reach - working in collaboration with Orchard PR


Media coverage alignment with one or more of our key messages


“We asked Mantra to deliver a bold new campaign for the 50th anniversary, but what they’ve done goes so much further than that. They’ve given us a new way of thinking about Pride, helped us rediscover our roots and set us on an exciting new path.”


CEO, Liberate Guernsey