The gift that raised spirits (quite literally)

A little taste of what we can do, while doing good.


Christmas 2021 was fast approaching and with murmurs of lockdown on the horizon, we asked ourselves, what would make the perfect gift for our wonderful clients during tough times? We’d ticked off cards and tote bags, we’d even got our good friend Ben Fogle to spread Christmas cheer, but this time we wanted something that would pack a bigger punch.


One thing was non-negotiable – it simply had to be sustainable. And in uncertain times, we needed something that would be meaningful whether in or out of lockdown. The cherry on top would be a gift that raised awareness of the Choose Love collection we had worked on a month prior. And so, Choose Gin was born – a bottle of gin with a difference. Would it be well received if we didn’t go into Lockdown? Of course. Would people still want it if we did? Hell yeah. Because let’s face it, who isn’t partial to a G&T?

But of course, this could be no ordinary bottle of gin. So we scoured the country for the perfect partner and landed on Jim & Tonic, London’s finest craft gin company with sustainability at their heart. We adorned their bottles with the artwork we created for the Choose Love collection –pushing more sales of our prints to help support the charity.


And so – all wrapped up in beautiful, eco-friendly packaging– our bottles were sent off, ready to tickle our clients’ tastebuds. We sent a big virtual cheers via email in the hope that next year, we could clink our glasses for real.

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